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George Kahn

Senior Vice President

NMLS #259231

T: (310) 295-6233

F: (424) 270-8333

C: (310) 962-6007

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Meet George Kahn

In order to provide “The Ultimate Mortgage Experience”, I do things differently than other lenders.  I help you get beyond the “menu” of loan options offered today, and provide you with sound advice to help you make the right financial decision.  Then I navigate and guide you through the process, implementing and executing the plan so that we smoothly arrive at your goal.  My Mission is to make a positive difference in the world, in your transaction and in your life.

  • 25 years in the Mortgage Banking industry
  • Over 1400 families have bought homes or refinanced with George
  • Expertise and knowledge in all aspects of real estate finance (NMLS, DOC and CA DRE Licensed)
  • Self-employed and entertainment industry clients a specialty
    What people Are Saying About George:

    • I was so impressed with George, that I gave him his first referral even before my loan funded! I knew he would treat my clients with the same care and professionalism that he treated me.
      – Valerie Edwards, Realtor
    • I saved $40,000 in interest over seven years with George’s refinance suggestion
      Lionel Sanders, CPA
    • I’ve known George for 15 years; George has taken care of the construction loan for our house as well as refinances.  His integrity is high, and he keeps us well informed.  The best surprise is no surprise!
      Robert A. Baker, Director, Point.360 Corp.


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